WDPA represents all segments of the dairy industry.

For over almost 60 years, The Wisconsin Dairy Products Association (“WDPA”) has been an advocate for the dairy processing industry in Wisconsin.  Our members come from all areas of the industry – dairy product manufacturing, packaging, logistics, research, laboratories, ingredients, marketing, sales, exports and other allied companies. WDPA is also the sponsor of the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest.

WDPA does the following:

Member Benefits

Membership in the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association is an effective way to network with other dairy leaders as well staying informed about changes in the industry, continuing education, marketing, advocacy and more.

We work on policy and regulatory issues to advance the success of the industry.  Issues impacting processors, producers and the dairy processing infrastructure.  

  • Monitors legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Enhances the well-being the of the dairy products industry through marketing, education, and science based policy to increase sales and consumption
  • Provide a professional and fun atmosphere for members to network with those engaged in the business of the dairy food industry.
  • Provide services and information to our members that will continually serve to improve their operations.
  • We work hard to ensure that Wisconsin is a place where dairy processors can invest, innovate and grow.
  • Lobbies on behalf of the membership.
  • Represents the dairy industry before legislative bodies and regulatory agencies, promoting and safe-guarding our common business interests.
  • Support the advancement, development and dissemination of dairy technology and information.
  • Provide communications, networking, public relations and promotion programs that promote the sales of the products sold by members.
  • Provides consumers with information on safe nutritious and delicious dairy products.